Robin_SG_smallRobin C Taylor – composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound manipulator, arranger, producer and record label owner. Born to English/Danish parents in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1956.

Started playing electric guitar at the age of 12, influenced by The Beatles – and especially the psychedelic rock group Cream. Robin’s lifelong interest in the progressive movement amongst rock groups (soon followed by jazz-rock groups) started already at this point, and he has – so to speak – been a follower straight from the beginning. Without any formal musical training, Robin learned by doing – as well as from listening to lots and lots of records and attending concerts.

From the early 70’s, Robin played bass guitar (and occasionally drums) in several local rock groups – before he developed a greater interest in recorded sound, exploring the possibilities in sound-on-sound recordings, before taking the next step to build multi-track productions of his own compositions. His first, home-recorded piece of music was aired on Danmarks Radio (Danish National Radio) in summer 1978 – which led to a long line of home-recordings, broadcasted to Danish radio listeners over the following years. Most instruments on these recordings were played by himself.

After going through a period of ‘disillusion’ in the mid 80’s (where visual arts were his main object), Robin returned to music with fresh inspiration, after spending five months at an art school in 1988. At this point he was determined to improve his home-recording facilities with the purpose of releasing his very first album. Due to various hindrances, it didn’t materialise until New Year 1990/91, when Essay was released (on Danish underground label, Pingo Records). Finally!

Being new in the ‘business’, with almost no-one to turn to for advice, caused a lot of challenges – but a follow-up album, Cloze Test Terror, was released the following year – no matter how difficult the odds were… (a few Danish newspapers DID show some interest, though!)

1993: Ambitions were growing higher; home-recordings were not enough. The first two albums suffered from being very low-budget productions, carried out almost by Robin and his then keyboard partner, Jan Marsfeldt, alone. Next step was to achieve a proper ‘band sound’, by forming a studio group – in a high-quality, professional recording studio. This is how Taylor’s Universe was born, and the studio chosen was the (soon to become) very successful Soundscape Studio, based in Copenhagen. Robin’s working relationship with owner/recording engineer Louise Nipper would turn out to be the perfect match for his music and his – often unusual – experiments!

The formation of Taylor’s Universe changed the situation completely; right from the start (their debut album released in 1994), the media were enthusiastic about the group’s concept, as TU didn’t sound like anybody else – certainly not in Denmark at this point, as progressive jazz-rock almost disappeared from the Danish music scene in the late 1970’s (!) Interest spread – rather quickly – to the international market, where TU (amongst the media) today is considered as one of the very few contemporary, genuine prog rock bands based in Denmark – as well as one of the most important of its kind originating from Scandinavia!

MANY highly acclaimed rock and jazz musicians, from the Danish music scene, have taken part in these recording sessions through the years:

Saxophonist  Karsten Vogel  (Burnin Red Ivanhoe, Secret Oyster)
Saxophonist  Jakob Mygind  (Coma, New Jungle Orchestra)
Trumpet player  Hugh Steinmetz  (Contemporary Jazz Quintet, Cadentia Nova Danica)
Guitarist  Claus Bøhling  (Hurdy Gurdy, Secret Oyster)
Guitarist  Finn Olafsson  (Ache)
Guitarist  Michael Denner  (Mercyful Fate)
Guitarist  John Sund  (The Danish Radio Big Band, Creme Fraiche)
Guitarist  Frank Carvalho  (Etcetera)
Keyboard player  Thomas Ulstrup  (Gone Fishin’, The Mystery Men)
Bassist  Flemming Muus  (session player)
Drummer  Klaus Thrane  (Coma, Lars Lilholt Band)
Drummer  Rasmus Grosell  (session player)
Drummer  Kalle Mathiesen  (Kalles World Tour)
Vocalist  Louise Nipper  (Alouise)
– and many more!

Taylor’s Universe play exclusively material composed and arranged by Robin C Taylor!
All albums have been produced by Robin himself.
In addition he has released several solo albums.

He has also been involved in groups such as:
Taylor’s Free Universe
Art Cinema
Communio Musica