Taylor’s Universe

chrisiania-TUTaylor’s Universe was from the very start meant to be a studio group exclusively; a ‘vehicle’ for Robin’s experiments in sound and structure, and it has stayed that way ever since. Besides being a multi-instrumentalist, Robin sees the studio environment as an instrument itself; a place where he can evoke and vitalize his musical vision, built up with layers by layers – whether he’s putting down his own craft, or getting expert assistance from some of the most skilled players from the Danish rock and jazz circles.

The ‘core’ of the original Taylor’s Universe did only last for a couple of albums; soon new players took over some of the duties – especially young, brilliant drummer Rasmus Grosell, and not least veteran reed player Karsten Vogel, who Robin had always been a great admirer of (from his own groups, Burnin Red Ivanhoe and Secret Oyster). Other great contributors over the years have been trumpeter Hugh Steinmetz (veteran from the 1960’s free jazz scene), saxist Jakob Mygind (also a favourite of Robin’s), guitarists Finn Olafsson (Ache) and Claus Bøhling (Secret Oyster) – and finally (excellent) drummer Klaus Thrane.

Despite the many line-up changes, Taylor’s Universe have always kept their own ‘trademark’ and shown a very high level, when it comes to originality including performance and sound, which have made them a second to none ‘brand’ in contemporary music from Scandinavia, as speaking of Progressive Rock. Media from most parts of the world seem to agree to this fact!

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