Side Projects


After participating in the making of the album, Soundwall (by Taylor’s Universe), guitarist Michael Denner suggested that Robin should produce an album of songs written by his friend, Jesper Harrits. They had earlier on made an attempt to realise such a project – but it didn’t work out. Robin was given the freedom to arrange Jesper’s songs in a way, so they would carry the ‘Taylor trademark’, and for Robin it was an interesting new challenge to work with song-based material. A lot of fine musicians were becoming part of this project that Robin baptised Art Cinema – but right in the middle of things, some disagreements led to the departure of Michael and Jesper; in other words, they walked out on their own project, which should have featured the two of them as the album’s guitarist and singer respectively. Robin, having already put so much work into the making, wouldn’t accept scrapping the whole thing, so he brought in Jytte Lindberg to do the vocals, and the album was completed in a much different – but still successful – way. Robin consider the Art Cinema album to be his very special contribution to the world of ‘pop’ music!

Check out the experimental POP album here!!!

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In 1996/97 Robin had a short stint with avant garde big band, Communio Musica, formed by Hugh Steinmetz by request from The Danish State Art Foundation a.o. during Copenhagen Cultural Capital of Europe 1996. The band was offered a couple of gigs connected to the international art exhibition, Under Different Skies, which took place in Øksnehallen. Communio Musica had a line-up consisting of many of the leading figures from the Danish experimental jazz scene. Despite its brief existence, the band succeeded in recording two albums, Gate of Changes and Special Alloy, of which the latter contained music composed by Hugh and Robin jointly. Special Alloy, representing the work of 15 musicians, was recorded in the winter of 1997 – but didn’t get a release until the end of 2000!

Check the two album releases from Communio Musica

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