The Båndbix Tapes

  • Artist: Robin Taylor
  • Release Date: 2000
  • Genre: Progressive Rock, Experimental, Collage
  • Produced By: Robin C Taylor

ROBIN TAYLOR – The Båndbix Tapes


Robin Taylor – guitars, basses, keys, drums, voice etc.
Jan Fischer – vocals, acoustic guitars, percussion, keys etc.
Kim Troen – keys

The ‘missing link’: a collection of Robin’s early home recordings, covering the period 1979-85. These statements (in lo-fi quality!) were all aired on the radio show, Båndbixen; a monthly programme run by Danish National Radio (DR), with the purpose of offering ‘up-and-coming’ talents an opportunity to be heard by larger audiences. (This was in the days, when DR still had monopoly on radio broadcasts!) A limited edition CD-R release!